Call ‘123 Towing’ in San Jose, CA
It’s very frustrating having vehicles parked illegally and interfering with the running of your business.  Your parking is provided specifically for your valued customers, and this is vital to the smooth and successful running of your business.  So, besides being annoying, it also costs you money and potential customers.   123 Towing is here to help secure your parking, so why not give us a call today to discuss our services.

Modern Up-to-Date Technology
123 Towing uses satellite tracking and state-of-the-art radio dispatch to ensure we’re able to respond instantly to your calls.  Using this same technology allows us to monitor your property so your customers’ parking needs are always taken care of.  123 Towing in San Jose, CA has the very latest technology to service all your parking requirements.
We also have a modern fleet of both damage-free flatbeds and wheel lift tow trucks.

Relocation in San Jose, CA
123 Towing is the largest and most widely recognized relocation company in San Jose, CA. With two locations in order to serve you more effectively, we successfully serve all of San Jose including the sounding suburban communities.

Our Services
123 Towing provides a variety of services, with our call service being the most efficient and simplest method of managing small parking areas.  Larger or highly congested parking areas will benefit from our efficient and highly successful patrol service.  We’re happy to take responsibility for keeping your valued tenants’ parking spaces open and available all day, each and every day.
123 Towing will provide all the parking permits you require and monitor them all – free of charge!  You may prefer a combination of the two: some owners prefer to have their lot ‘on-call’ during the daytime and have it ‘patrolled’ at night.  Whatever your preference we’re happy to work with you to find the best solution to your parking issues.

Call 123 Towing today on (408) 620-7011.  We’re here to help with all your parking and relocation needs.  We provide great customer service, so you’ve got nothing to lose.